A Leibster Award…

I’m pleased to reblog for the first time. Meet the gracious Robin Gott, a Brit in chilly Sweden, fellow therapist, and artist of wit and whimsy. Happy New Year to all! —Jadi

Robin Gott

lieber-awardI’m very pleased to have been nominated for a Leibster Award by Nu Tenshi, also known as “The Girl in Converse”. Check out her lovely, lively blog here:


A few random facts about myself:

1. My real name is “Robster the Liebster Lobster”

2. Daniel Radcliffe went to the same school as me (but I’m not quite as famous)

3. I grew up in the same house as Boris Karloff (but I’m not quite as scary)

4. I don’t like sushi

5. I’m crazy about books

6. I have a Swedish wife and two children.

7. I once got Michael Palin’s autograph written with his wife’s eyebrow pencil on a paper plate

8. I’m from England but have lived in Sweden since 1994

9. I’m going bald, so I like low-maintenance haircuts

10. I teach Alexander Technique to actors, musicians and dancers

11. I love cooking

Nu’s Questions for…

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2 thoughts on “A Leibster Award…

  1. Thanks for the like. This is a humorous post by Robin, and well worth the reblog. I am doing the Blogging 101 to try to improve the appearance of my blog and add or subtract items. I am so un-technical and balk at spending the time necessary to slog through the wordpress site. I didn’t even know what a widget was! So how could I know if I want one? I have difficulty keeping up with “time expensive” things such as reading or posting blogs, blipfoto,…as there are so many fun and interesting ways to spend the day! Every little errand here involves time since we walk everywhere, which is a good thing because we get exercise and become part of the world around us.
    I enjoy all your writings though I don’t always comment, and I plan on buying your latest book for my kindle to read on the trip back to Alaska. I never read on the kindle when I’m stationery.
    Keep up your great writing!

    • Marilyn, this is fantastic news. I was delighted to see you’re back in Oaxaca and wanted to tell you Barb is as well; perhaps you can meet this time. Robin (along with you, for that matter) are perfect examples of the reason why I love the blogging community. You meet the funniest, nicest, most interesting folks. And finally, your words of praise for my writing and my books mean the world to me. Writing, whether blog posts or books, is a solitary pursuit. (And some days it really does feel like a pursuit.) Getting feedback like this is sweet. Thanks!

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