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My books The Trail Back Out, Grounded, Tsunami Cowboys, and Broken In: A Novel in Stories are available in paperback and as eBooks. The eBooks are for Kindle reader and all Kindle electronic book format readers such as Kindle for PC, for Mac, for iPad, for Android etc. Look for the books under my name. All may be purchased online at Amazon in countries all around the world. This link brings you to my author page: 

My most recent work The Trail Back Out is a collection of 10 short stories, many written during the coronavirus lockdown. From tales of Eddie, high on LSD and trapped by “What Died in the Fridge” or a compulsive gambler hiding during a Category Five storm in “Better Weather”, to the luminous title story of two strangers meeting by chance in the backwoods during a pandemic, I wanted to describe the pain and humor of being alive. Included in this collection are “Rules to Live By”, a funny and deeply thoughtful story about what we choose to teach our children. I wonder about our responsibility to others as a hunter is shot and left for dead in “The Green Under the Snow”. In “Do Dreams Float?” a wife considers a hit-man’s offer of revenge. And the eternal search for happiness is carried out by a gloomy little girl nicknamed “Princess Rain Clouds”. The Trail Back Out is available for purchase as of August 23, 2020.

Click here: The Trail Back Out


Tsunami Cowboys was longlisted for the 2019 ScreenCraft Cinematic Book Award.

Prepare to meet Todd, a hero with dangerous fantasies. Coreen, trapped in a cult. Ronnie, dreaming other people’s futures. Guy, waiting for disaster at a Christmas Market. And Lynn, the connecting thread, taking a train with a seductive stranger. By turns terrifying and funny, this is the story of people riding life’s waves… the tsunami cowboys.

This link will get you there.

Excerpts from Tsunami Cowboys may be read on these posts.

In JJ’s, the bartender and a teenaged patron plan exotic trips. JJ’s chef meets several men who’d kill for her. Valuables and peace of mind literally get stolen. Couples celebrate, or split up. In a rainy night accidents happen and people vanish.These are the stories of people whose paths cross – or crash. The tales begin in a bistro and move on to Bangkok, a carnival midway, and the bottom of a lake, among other places. Broken In: whether totally random or according to plan, after tonight life will never be the same.

The following link get you there: Broken In: A Novel in Stories

Excerpts from Broken In may be read on these posts.

Grounded is the story of how two people react when cyberattacks lame the world. It’s the tale of a father’s love for his son, a woman’s search to feel alive again, and what the Arctic Circle and a temple in a remote corner of India reveal.

Click here: Grounded

Excerpts from my novel Grounded can be read on these posts:


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    • Hi Jalal, It is a delicate task to write a description of one’s own work. It took me over a year to write the book and I enjoy the writing process. But then to describe it in a few paragraphs was surprisingly hard. I’m glad you think I did a good job. Thanks for visiting my blog, —Jadi

  1. A precise data to read you live and live. I’m going to turn to my son for Spanish translation if he does not have it. Now you leave me anxious to dive into your books and if it is as you describe it, surely they will be good. I feel privileged to have you on my blog because you are a fabulous writer.

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