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December 25, 2015. It’s time to upgrade: I’m moving. As of today, you’ll find me (and all of my previous posts) at my new address jadicampbell.com.


Even posting just twice a month, over the months I’ve written a respectable number of blog posts. It became obvious early on that my blog has a couple of themes. You’ll find stories and pictures of wonderful places around the world, excerpts from my books Tsunami Cowboys and Broken In: A Novel in Stories, and my musings on culture and literature. At this writing, anyway, those are the topics that I’ve been pulled towards.

I’m adding this page to give you an idea of what’s here. I’ll come back and update as needed. Enjoy your visit and I welcome all comments! —Jadi

5 Favorite Blasts from the Past









Hong Kong





New Zealand








Cultural Bits and Pieces, or: Other Books & Topics Sneaking In

5 thoughts on “What’s Here

  1. Jadi, voice from the past. I don’t expect you to remember me, but I worked with you during your time in corporate America, better known as Big D. I connected to your life now through LZK. Love your posts and so envy your life experiences. We need more souls who recognize we all live in one world. I look forward to catching up with your travels. Best wishes.
    Judy Patton

  2. Thank you for checking out my recent blog post “Back to Hillsboro.” I appreciate you liking it and following me blog. I see you are a Duck with quite a bit of international travel. I’m envious. I’m also impressed with the organization of your blog. Very inviting. The recent post on Hong Kong was very well done with text and photos. Regards, GR

    • Welcome, and thanks for the praise! My husband’s a computer whiz but I wanted this blog to be ‘mine’. The design and posts are all from me. Uwe takes great photos but wasn’t along for my recent visit to Hong Kong, so the next set of posts are my pics for a change. A new post will be appearing tonight. Cheers, Jadi

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