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Created September 2012. Most recently updated December 2022.

This space was for legal/who-does-what stuff, but then the awesome About pages of other bloggers  inspired me. I’ve added more information for those of you curious enough to click here.

So, about Jadi Campbell: I live in the place between cultures.

I grew up in little New England/upstate NY villages, spent summers in a cabin in the woods, and attended a state university on the West coast. I decided at the age of 6 to be a writer, and earned a B.A. in English Literature. I worked in corporate America until I changed tracks and became a Licensed Massage Therapist. I’ve lived in Europe for almost 30 years and am proof that anyone can learn a foreign language as an adult. I published my first book Broken In: A Novel in Stories in 2012. My second novel Tsunami Cowboys followed in December 2014. Grounded appeared in May 2016. In August 2020 I published my first collection of short stories, The Trail Back Out.

Sometime during the writing of the first three books I served as President of The Writers in Stuttgart. It was a fascinating job, akin to herding cats….

The following are not contradictory statements. I am American to my bones. My sensibilities are European. My husband and I travel as much as we possibly can. I want to be a citizen of the world, which brings us back to my opening statement: I live in the place between cultures.

It may not always be easy, but it’s always interesting. It stretches my concepts of what life contains. And it gives me lots to blog about, as you’ll see on the What’s Here page.

Pull up a seat and join me.

All Written Contents Copyright © 2012 Jadi Campbell. Tsunami Cowboys was longlisted for the 2019 ScreenCraft Cinematic Book Award. The Trail Back Out was honored as 2021 IAN Book of the Year Award Short Story Collection Finalist, 2022 Top Shelf Award Runner-up, 2021 Wishing Shelf Book Awards Red Ribbon, and American Book Fest 2020 Best Book Award Finalist: Fiction Anthologies. The title story The Trail Back Out was longlisted for the 2021 ScreenCraft Cinematic Short Story Award. Broken In: A Novel in Stories was a semifinalist for the international 2020 Hawk Mountain Short Story Collection Award from Hidden River Arts, and Finalist for Greece’s international 2021 Eyelands Book of the Year Award (Short Stories). All of my work is available as books and eBooks purchased online at Amazon and elsewhere, in countries around the world.

Click here for my author page to learn more about me and purchase my books.

Photos Copyright © 2012 Uwe Hartmann. More of Uwe’s photography may be viewed at viewpics.de

133 thoughts on “About

  1. Hello Jadi – read your article on Holistic Wayfarer and followed you here. My life has been the reverse of yours: I grew up near Baden-Baden, then moved to the US and have lived here for much longer than I care to admit. So long, that I am losing my German language. In fact, just my last blogpost was bilingual, my attempt to restore my mother tongue. It’s interesting to live in the middle of cultures, isn’t it?!

    • Thanks for the comment and welcome to what I call the place between cultures. A Canadian friend who was an avid world traveler and now, like you, has lived in America for a long time would say that you’ve become a citizen of the world. Baden-Baden is beautiful. I visited several times to research European spa therapies and traditions. I returned for the city’s beauty and cultural importance. I’m off now to explore your blog. Wilkommen, und alles gute wünsche ich Dir!

      • I am truly a citizen of the world…traveled in 30+ countries, on 5 continents. I love seeing the world and the differences and commonalities we have across cultures. It helps to speak a few languages other than the one we grew up with…

    • Delighted to have you here, Rupali. Please note that this is my old blog — my current address is jadicampbell.com. You’ll find all these posts plus new ones there. Welcome!

  2. Dear Jadi,

    thank you for visiting Eternamenta space. If you have a wish to participate in our award, we remind you that the post deadline is the 28th of January. Good luck!

    Best regards,


  3. Thank you very much for visiting my blog. I wish them and others semi-cool and bloger and blog writers, or writers, all the best for the future, many successes !!

  4. I am mystified by “I decided at the age of 6 to be a writer, and earned a B.A. in English Literature.” How does one simply decide, at any age, to be or become one thing or another; how much more mysterious to actually become that? But, that’s just me, still, here on the cusp of 60, stumbling in the dark. Your “like” of my post “Mice and Men” on my own oft-forgotten blog was a very nice reminder. I perhaps should go back and read my own deep thoughts. Anywho, thanks for a gentle slash of wake up. Cheers!

    • Stephen, after the ‘deciding’ at age 6, it took almost 50 more years before I actually wrote my first book. I think of that young confident girl and wish she hadn’t vanished for so long. But thank you for your comment. It was indeed very mysterious that the dream became a reality…

  5. Jadi, it’s nice to see a talented writer who has spent time in Oregon – even though it was at the wrong university – a decision my wife of almost 40 years made. If you ever get back to Oregon, I can suggest some good breweries and watering holes!

    • Hi Beerchaser,
      A return to Oregon always includes visiting a microbrewery or two (or three….) My German husband tells people that there are now great beers in America – high praise indeed from the Land of Beer! I look forward to seeing you at my current blog jadicampbell.com

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